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We are not a software house but we do not create our own products. Clients are our partners, not just principals. We run various and long-term projects at different stages of development and advancement. Our developers are an important part of the team, they form and develop the products they work on. We are characterized by high seniority and a rich tech stack. We carefully select the team.

Bitnoise has the atmosphere and leeway of a startup, and over 12 years of experience ensures the safety and stability of a medium-sized company. You will not find corporate structures and rigorous procedures with us. Instead, we create a space to hear you. We regularly organize feedback meetings, because good communication is our greatest value. We talk about projects, your team, your development and further opportunities.

Good communication is our greatest value. We want to see your point of view

If you feel that you need a change, you want to develop in a different technology, work in a team or on the contrary in an independent project, thanks to the specificity of our organization, we can create for you this opportunity, within a few weeks, without changing your workplace. It is always a joint decision, you don’t have to worry that you will be shifted from project to project.

We know the business and have extensive project experience. Within 10 years, we have grown to almost 40 employees. We want to develop as a company, but with the maintenance of our atmosphere and organizational culture, which is why we carefully select the team members. We focus on people with whom we share not only a passion for code but also a similar flow, approach to work and values.

You are part of a good team, it means much more to us than just being an employee. We have a specific sense of humour and a healthy auto-distance. We often joke about ourselves. The better we know each other, the better we work on projects. Therefore, regardless of whether you will work 100% remotely, hybrid or only from the office, we will invite you to pass the onboarding process in our office, during which you will learn not only how we work, but who we are. You will build a few inside jokes with us and feel our atmosphere, it's worth it! :)

We expect honesty, commitment and partnership from you. You don't need to know everything, it's important that you want to develop and gain new experience and knowledge, build your competencies. You can achieve this by engaging in company projects such as internal and external MeetUps or by writing articles. Or maybe you will propose a new initiative yourself? :)

We try to see people's potential first and foremost. We are waiting for your move to take advantage of yours.


  • Be a person with an idea, self distance and humour!

  • Take the initiative! Be hungry for knowledge!

  • Reach your potential and get inspired by others at Bitnoise.

  • Ask for help if you need it. There will always be someone to support you.

  • Talk openly about your mistakes. This is a sign of maturity.

  • Take care not only about the quality of the code but also about the relationships in the team


  • Don't be afraid to talk! Good communication is our most important value.

  • Don't judge others. We are different, so we communicate and we work differently. Respect above all.

  • Don't be afraid to develop and learn! We are happy to share our knowledge. We know that you can also teach us something valuable.

  • Don't be "just a programmer". Product value and good customer relations are very important to us, which is why we always strive to develop them.

Open positions

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