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Published on 10 Sep 2021

Bitnoise_meet #2 Wrocław


On September 9, we have met in Wrocław during Bitnoise_Meet #2 Wrocław edition. Wrocław was wonderful as well as the audience. We were in awe of the warm welcoming in the capital of Lower Silesia. Our experts: Piotr Baranek, Adrian Kępa, Adam Misiorny and Krzysztof Proszkiewicz were discussing such issues as: 📌 Is technological debt generated by hasty team decisions, pressure from the business side of the project, overengineering, the programmer's ego or something else? 📌 How does it affect the project, when UX ends up being the least important part of it? 📌 How important is keeping the balance? 📌 Can soft skills be a solution to very technical problems?

Bitnoise_meet is a space we create to exchange experiences and learn from each other. We believe that sharing knowledge brings only benefits, and development is very important to us.



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